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  • 1.6m with 1/2xEpson I3200 head
    Entry Level i3200 Eco solvent  solution!
    The alternative of C1601S!
    Up to 90% faster!
  • 3.2m high speed& quality ecosolvent printer I3200gen AQ3204S with newly fashionable shape designto 108sqm/h
    The best alternative of AD3202S!
  • 1.8m with 4xEpson I3200 heads
    Eco solvent printing
    Entire New design concept,
    luxury body! Up to 95sqm/h!
  • 3xEpson I3200 print heads
    CMYK+W+V Compact flatbed UV equipped with more durability i3200 heads!70% speed faster!Applications: Phone cover,Doorplate, Label, Souvenir
  • 3~4xEpson I3200 heads for 3 layers: C+W+C 5 layers: C+W+K+W+C
    4 layers: C+W+K+C C+W+V
    1.8m RTR UV Muti – layer with
    Varnish option available!
    Applications: High quality backlit,
  • 4xRicoh G5ihead heads KCMY+W+V
    1.6mx1.2m size for both souvenirand signage applicationParticularly developed for unevensubstance Available withCamera Positioning System and Cylinder!
  • 3~8xRicoh Gen6 print heads
    4xKCMY  2xKCMY+2xWW+2xVV
    GZ UV Flatbed for big productivity
    Optional magnetic linear system
    available! Applications: Acrylic, Aluminum sheet, Foam board, PVC board, Leather, Glass, Wood, etc
  • 1~6 Epson T3200 heads 6xKCMY
    Revolutionary Epson T3200, run
    one head with 4 color .Up to 110sqm/h
    Applications: Acrylic, PVC board,
    Leather, Glass, Wood, etc
  • 1.7m Entry Level Sublimation Solution Up To 95 Sqm/h Output,2 Epson I3200 A1 Head Taking Up To 200m.bulk ink systerm,Intelligent sectionable control IR dryer
  • 1.9m engined with 4xEpsonI3200
    GZ 2nd gen 4 heads high cost effective sublimation solutionwith over 20 upgraded features! Applications: Sports wear, Fashion,Home textile,etc
  • 1.9m with 8xEpson I3200 Industrial level output, up to350sqm/h sublimation transfersolution!Available withoptional 3 kinds of 8 colors solutions!Applications: Sports wear,Fashion, Handbag,etc
  • Superwide 3.2m sublimation solution!
    8xEpson I3200 print headsIndustrial level output, up to400sqm/h; compatible with
    40gsm paper.Applications: Sports wear,
    Fashion, Handbag,etc
  • High cost-effective 5m solvent solution!
    Extended to 5.3m printing width
    6xStarfire 1024 25pl in three rows
    Up to 400 sqm/h!
    Pinch roller system.
  • NEW 60x90cm with 3x Epson I1600-U1
    Entry level solution,the alternative ofXP600/TX800Desktop design with compacted bodyAvailable with cylinder kit and camerapositioning system Available with i3200 and G5i heads versionsoon

5x Epson I3200-A1 Print Heads
First revealing GZ DTF solution
Coming with

  • 1.8m width with 4/8xEpson I3200 heads
    Eco solvent solution run by belt system
    Applications: Artificial leather;textile field: down coat, raincoat,tablecloth; dust-proof foot mat etc!

Emboridey Machine


dtf/uvdtf machine

Roll to Roll heatpress machine

  • 1.7 m roll to roll heatpress machine 
  • 3.2m roll to roll heatpress machine 

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